Whether fishing from a boat, from the shore or cutting a hole in the ice, fishing in the Princeton area offers endless opportunities to snag that perfect catch.

Popular places for fishing in Princeton include the Fox River, Green Lake and Lake Puckway. These water bodies are managed for quality fishing. Favorites include small and large mouth bass, bluegill, perch, white bass, northern, walleye, cisco, musky, trout, and catfish. In addition to these areas, the Princeton area has 36 lakes within it’s county borders, and 100’s of miles of rivers for the perfect fishing opportunities.

From Princeton, you can launch you boat into the Fox River at Heistand Park, which is handicap accessible. Other launches with great access to fishing in with the Princeton area are just a short drive away. For more information about boat rentals, check our canoe/kayaking page.

For moreĀ informationĀ about other launches and maps, see this Green Lake County Map.